Boise Smart Thermostats

smart thermostats boise

Remember the Jetson’s with their smart gadgets and advanced home of the future?

Well, these smart thermostats have come a long way since then. Many homes have an outdated thermostat that is so cumbersome to use that many homeowners just set it to a single temperature and leave it alone. Or worse, only the man of the house gets to touch the thermostat!

When you opt for a smart thermostat, you can tie it to your phone through a mobile app, putting the comfort of your home right at your fingertips. This helps to improve the efficiency of your system drastically, by creating easy to manage schedules and usage reports on the fly.

Got an old system? Don’t worry! We can retrofit most systems out there without having to overhaul the furnace or air conditioner!

Call us if you have any questions about different features or products out there, OR if you want us to come install a new smart thermostat for you.

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