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Many homes in the Meridian and Boise area have 2 stories, and this poses a huge issue. As the heat rises in these homes during the summer and the winter, many homeowners have a very difficult time keeping the upstairs bedrooms at a comfortable temperature and have to suffer during the summer months. We frequently see these types of homes with a 10 to 15 degree temperature spread between the two stories!
Zoning is a product solution that adds in mechanical dampers that communicate with an additional thermostat to open the airflow upstairs while closing off the airflow downstairs. This can even be added into an existing home! Homeowners constantly rave about this solution after they try it out, because they can finally keep their house at a comfortable, easy-to-manage temperature all year round.
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Zoning also works as a great solution for homes with basements (where you want to push the cool basement air into the main levels of the home) or for ranch style homes (where one end of the house is a drastically different temperature than the other side of the house.)

If you opt for Zoning, we keep your system in place and simply modify the existing ductwork. Contact us if you would like to have us take a look and see if your home would qualify this work.