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Our winter months here can get really dry as we blast our furnaces to keep our homes warm. However, as we blast the heat, we start noticing things like static electricity and super dry skin.

Humidifiers are an add-on to your forced air furnace system with the purpose of adding moisture to your home during the dry Boise winter months. They are easy to service and maintain, while skyrocketing the comfort in your home.

Upon arrival at your appointment, we will evaluate if your system can accommodate a humidifier and then provide an estimate for you to choose which style best fits your needs.

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Humidifier options:

By Pass humidifiers are the most basic option, adding enough humidity for an approximately 1000 sq. foot, normal construction style home.

Powered or Fan-Assisted humidifiers are the most popular option for forced air systems here in Boise and Meridian. They cover about 1500 to 2500 sq. feet of a normal constructed home.

Steam humidifiers are best designed for larger volume homes with vaulted ceilings and square footage above the 3000 sq ft mark. Steam humidifiers are especially ideal for any homeowners who are used to humid, coastal climates like Florida, California or Maui.

Keep in mind, moist air holds more heat. So when we add a humidifier to your system, a lower heat temperature will feel a lot more comfortable. The benefits are two-fold: saving your furnace run time and decreasing your utility bills!

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