Air Conditioning Repair in Boise, Idaho

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At Gem Heating & Air Conditioning of Boise, We Service All AC Brands & Units.

We know Boise spring and summer weather can get hot, and the last thing you want is waking up to a hot house because your air conditioning unit died in the middle of the night. But guess what? If you choose Gem Heating & Air Conditioning, we promise you get to rest easy. We proudly service our customers in Boise, Idaho and surrounding areas with all types of AC units. 

We’ve been working on air conditioning systems all over the Treasure Valley for almost 20 years, and we truly have seen it all. From simple maintenance items to complete installs, Gem Heating & Air Conditioning is fully equipped to keep your AC unit running great, and providing your home with all the cooling it needs in the warmest months.

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Did you know that many air conditioning units and furnaces fail simply due to a lack of routine maintenance that’s required; and often an easy repair is all that’s needed? Far too often, we hear horror stories of homeowners forced into replacing their entire heating and cooling  system because of some sort of catastrophic failure due to properly maintaining your unit on time, or ever. 

Common Repairs Include:

With Gem Heating & Air Conditioning of Idaho, you’ll find most repairs will cost you an average of $600, with some repairs in the low as $300, all the way up to $2500+ depending on the issue with your cooling system.

On every service call, we’ll carefully provide you with a thorough evaluation to guarantee nothing gets missed from season to season. This way, you can be sure that both the immediate problems and potential impending issues are all being taken care of at once. Everyone wants an honest heating company, but no one wants to see him every single summer!

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We’ll give you a list of real options, ranging from the repair at hand, up to taking care of preemptive repairs to head off any sort of future issues. Over our years in the industry, we’ve learned that an informed customer is always the customer who maintains their system the best (and saves the most money!) which is why we always make sure to give you all the vital information up front.

One of the key ways we make sure to bring value to each one of our customers is going above and beyond your expectations, not just rushing to the next paying customer. We think that old-school service is totally feasible, and that providing exceptional service is a win for you, too.

We guarantee that with each and every call we provide, you'll receive:

so you’re not left with any buyer’s remorse.

The next time your heating system is down, no matter the hour, call our 24-hour, Gem Heating & Air Conditioning and see what a difference exceptional customer service makes.

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