Boise Furnace Replacement

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When it is time to replace your furnace or heating system, we will walk through the entire process with you. We install all makes and models so we aren’t tied to a single brand. It’s an important decision, with many elements to consider, from design, to make and model, to features.

Some Design Considerations:

Other Factors to Consider:

furnace replacement boise
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An entry level furnace will cost approximately $5000 while a more premium system will run about $12000 to $14000. While these numbers can shock some homeowners, rest assured that we will go over all install related costs and present a variety of options for you to choose from. Most homeowners invest in a system that lands right in the middle of the road, typically costing around $8500. 

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all heating system. Each home is different and you want a system that maximizes your dollar-for-dollar investment. Working with a highly passionate and dedicated team that gives you all your options up front helps get you in the driver seat.

Step one? Have us come for a free, in-home estimate. It’ll take about one hour for us to review your current system and installation needs, and then build a system around your needs and wants. We will review a few questions with you, and then get 3-4 options together with exact dollar pricing for installation.

The price we present is the price you will expect to pay at the end of the project. Our years of experience in all types of homes all over the Treasure Valley for the last 20 years has taught us what it takes to be fully prepared, and complete your project to budget and on time.

furnace replacement boise